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Jodi Simmonds

Kerri Lorenson

I love building connections with people and introducing them to concrete practices that positively impact their mental well-being. I am also passionate about researching and building wellness programs that are evidence-informed, interactive, effective, and practical. 

Jodi Simmonds

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I have a degree in Psychology and Sociology from the University of Alberta but for the last eight years what has really fueled my passion in mental health and wellness is: Mindfulness Training, Motivational Interviewing, Go-To Educator Training (Core Trainer), The Science of Happiness (UC Berkley), Brain Story Certification, Mental Health First Aid and Psychological First Aid.

Impassioned presenter, educator and collaborator. Mental health and wellness program developer. Relationship builder. 

Any time spent with my two adult children, travelling with my husband, a backpack, and no real plan, reading actual paper books written by great thinkers and doers, learning about almost anything but technology, and building connection with people. Oh, and teenagers (seriously, I adore the teens). 

Building relationships is essential to me and these relationships allow me to share my passion for wellness practices. Whether meeting with small or large groups, I love engaging and connecting with others. I am a lifelong learner who ensures I am current with research and I enjoy creatively implementing this research into programming for clients. 

Kerri Lorenson

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My formal education lies within my degree in Sociology and Psychology. I have recently made the commitment to begin graduate school for a Master’s in Counselling Psychology. For the past nine years, I have been fortunate to work within the mental health field primarily in schools. I am also trained in meditation, youth yoga and yoga for mental health. 

Creative, empathetic, and motivated educator. Enhanced relationship building, communication and listening skills. 

My three boys and husband. Yoga, meditating, and running are some of my favorite “me time” go to's. When clients share that one of the practices they have learned through one of our sessions has impacted them in a positive way. I love to read. Authentic connection with new and old friends. 

Lorelee Marin, 

"I appreciate and value Jodi and Kerri's work that is evidence-based, along with their strong commitment and skill to translate research into practice. I have witnessed the positive impact Kerri and Jodi have made in the school communities and individuals that they work with. They use a professional and creative approach to help individuals build the skills and practice they need to manage stress, deal with strong emotions, and promote positive mental well-being. Jodi and Kerri are skilled communicators and they quickly create connection and trust with others which allows them to help individuals on their journey to living life well.” 

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Pat Calyniuk, 

“Jodi is an amazing teacher and program developer. Her calm, focused demeanor helps learners to understand and she is able to engage learners of all ages. She is a lifelong learner therefore everything she teaches is research-informed and based in best practices. Kerri is passionate about what she does. She brings her creativity, genuine warmth, and understanding of the material in her presentations and programming. She enjoys interacting and engages learners of all ages in fun interactive ways. I would highly recommend them.”

VIBE Wellness Program Manager, Mental Health Capacity Building

Colette miller,

"Thanks to Kerri and Jodi for leading us in fun and easy practices to enrich our lives. The mindfulness and breathing techniques impact our physical and mental health".

wilde and company accounting

Alicia Rutt, 

"Educators Kerri and Jodi are not only skillful but truly heartening when it comes to the promotion and encouragement of personal growth and well-being. The Nest Project series that Family Resource Network hosted touched on awe, joy, self-compassion, and mindfulness. It not only taught meaningful practices, but Kerri and Jodi gave opportunities for participants to share and reflect. The sessions felt authentic and comfortable. Participants mentioned feeling motivated, inspired, and better equipped to take on the many challenges of life. A definite recommendation for anyone who wants to learn, grow, and connect. Thank you so much for many enjoyable evenings!"

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Luke miller,

"What a fun way to enhance our corporate accounting team as Kerri and Jodi expertly lead us through wellness and mindfulness practices that inspired our team in personal and professional growth". 

Wilde and company accounting 

endless skies teacher's convention

"Engaged, passionate presenters".

family resource network

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“Jodi and Kerri’s vast experience and knowledge allowed them to bring diverse strategies and awareness in mindfulness practice to me. this is valuable to me as an educator because it gave me more tools in my tool belt to use in my classroom.” 

high school teacher


“In our day to day lives we often fail to stop and recognize the simple things. Jodi was able to introduce techniques that our students and staff could easily implement to help us slow down and see the beauty around and within ourselves and to be grateful for those moments that we often miss.”

educational and administrative assistant, outreach school.

Myles Arneson, 

"Being able to meet Jodi and Kerri has been a wonderful experience. I would greatly recommend this business to anyone looking to practice mindfulness and to connect with the community. Working with Jodi has really gotten me out of my shell and she has taught me how to be more comfortable to speak up in the community. Kerri has taught me a lot about kindness and positivity and has also taught me how to be confident in myself."

former student 

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"Have you ever met someone that you can be 100% yourself around, while at the same time being so captivated by their positive energy, that you want to be the best version of yourself? Kerri Lorenson is that kind of person. She has a way of enveloping you with her passion and commitment to bettering wellness through various mental health practices balanced with physical movement, mindfulness and yoga practices. When working with school-aged children, Kerri has a warmth and kindness in her approach that opens the door to healthy relationships, where children and adolescents feel cared for and trusting of her as an adult they can open up to, or just enjoy learning from and being around. Kerri looks at the small pieces within big goals and uses creative, formal or informal small groups, whole class, or individual sessions/lessons to support the needs of those she is interacting with. If I had the space of a novel to completely capture the essence of what good she does in the world of mental wellness and beyond, I would not have enough pages. Anyone with the opportunity to work with Kerri in any capacity, would be privileged to share her time and compassion. Kerri has a way with people that fills them with joy and hope for a better future for themselves and for the generations of children that she guides. She is an amazing human - get out there and meet her!" 

Rebecca McCullough, 


“Jodi is an engaging and very knowledgeable presenter and coach. She presents the ideas and techniques in a manner that challenges our practices and thinking. She gets everyone to deepen their understanding and take away a beneficial action.” 

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former high school principal

Kyla Christensen, 

"Kerri's wellness practice is rooted in knowledge and driven by creativity and intuition. She has a gift for connecting with others and has found her calling in the wellness field. Kerri is passionate about mental wellness and leads by example. Creating connections and leading with compassion are some of Kerri's greatest strengths. When you walk into a space Kerri has created, you can feel it. She is detail oriented and has a talent to curate beautiful and comfortable spaces. When Kerri is passionate about a project, she puts her entire heart into it. With this knowledge, I know that her clients are in skilled and caring hands. She is a rare gift."


Janice Jackson,

"Jodi was genuinely invested in the mental well-being of our students and staff. She created engaging learning activities, both in class and at noon hours. The students loved spending their time with Jodi! She had a keen eye for students who may have been struggling and she was willing to have tough conversations with parents and teachers in order to best support the mental health of our students.” 


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Anita Dutchak,

"Jodi is well educated and the wellness programming she provided in our school is based on current and researched information. She presents mental health prevention and early intervention programming in a fun and age-appropriate manner. My favorite part about Jodi is how she is able to connect with students and staff and build relationships - she is a real gem. Each student and staff member is a better person for having the opportunity to be in her presence and to have received programming delivered by her.” 

Educational and Administrative Assistant


Barry Scinski,

"Jodi believes in connection before goal setting and has an uncanny ability to reach into your heart to see the real you. The trust and confidence demonstrated by those who have met Jodi is total and faithful. She never judges and understands that whatever your age, gender, orientation, or your field of work, she will always honour your uniqueness." 

High School Principal

“I consider my school and myself personally fortunate to have had an opportunity to learn and work alongside Kerri Lorenson. The impact she has had on students and the shift in thinking that her presence and programming has created has been empowering. Her love for children, youth and adults enables her to build strong relationships. She is an active listener, eager to help guide effective communication and thinking. Kerri not only sees beauty, she is beauty”. 

stacey barber,